I’m Magdalene Taylor, and I’m a writer exploring themes of sexuality and culture. In my time as a staff writer at MEL Magazine (RIP), I established my beat in analyzing niche Internet subcultures, interpersonal behaviors and trends. Now, as a freelancer, I’ve contributed to publications like The New York Times, New York Magazine, VICE, GQ, Slate, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Jezebel, Huck, UnHerd, The Face and more. I live in Brooklyn but am from God’s Country, Western Massachusetts.

About Many Such Cases

Many Such Cases is my platform to consider all of those aforementioned niche Internet subcultures, interpersonal behaviors and trends through a critical, sex-informed (not necessarily sex positive!) lens. This is a Substack about sexuality, but also the loneliness epidemic. People in America are almost universally having less sex now than in previous decades — what does that mean for our culture? How does sexuality manifest in the absence of physical intimacy?

In addition to exploring these themes through free weekly essays, I also discuss them with readers and strangers on the Internet in a regular advice column, as well as through Substack’s chatroom function. This, and other surprises, are available to paid subscribers.

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A dissection of sexuality and culture in the absence of much of either.


Magdalene Taylor is a writer and critic of culture and sex. She has written for the New York Times, GQ, New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, i-D, VICE, Vulture and more. She publishes a Substack newsletter called Many Such Cases.